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Order 41

Coal Services developed Order 41 under the authority granted it by the New South Wales Coal Industry Act (2001).  The Order, given the effect of Law by the NSW Government on the 11th February 2011, requires that employers of a coal mine worker or operators of a coal operation in NSW ensure that pre-placement and periodic health surveillance medical assessment are completed for their workforce. 

Coal Services has designed a generic template to assist providers to comply with the requirements of the Order 41 Preplacement Health Assessment and Periodic Health Assessment.

The following forms are available for providers to complete electronically:

Please note the following forms have been updated – effective May 2017

 NSW Coal Order 41 Preplacement Medical Assessment

Word Document

 NSW Coal Order 41 Periodic Health Assessment

Word Document

If you have any difficulty completing electronically, these forms may also be printed and completed manually.

Please note that all testing must be completed and the paperwork submitted to Coal Services via the requesting employer within four weeks of the medical being finalised.

Downloadable publication documents

Document type

 Order 41 Information (March 2017)

PDF Document

 Coal Order Revised Schedules 1 & 2 (November 2011)

PDF Document

 Coal Industry Act 2001 - Order 41 (February 2011) 

PDF Document

Has your new employee already undergone an Order 41 preplacement medical with another employer?

NSW Coal Order 41 allows employers to utilise an existing preplacement medical assessment for a new employee for the purpose of Order 41 compliance, provided the preplacement medical assessment* was undertaken within the 12 months prior to the commencement date with the new employer.

If you are an employer wishing to utilise an existing preplacement medical assessment for a new employee, please complete the form below and submit to CS Health.

Upon receipt of the completed form, CS Health will review the details of the nominated medical assessment to ensure compliance with Order 41, and will update the employment details of the worker.

If the previous preplacement medical assessment is not compliant, or was undertaken more than 12 months prior to the commencement date with the new employer, the new employer will be advised to arrange a new preplacement medical assessment.

* The existing assessment must be Order 41 compliant and registered on CS Health’s database to be utilised by another company.


Employee Details

(if applicable)

Medical Details


I declare that above information is correct and understand that the information provided will be used to assist my company to comply with NSW Coal Order 41.

Employer Details