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Australian black coal statistics


  Australian black coal mining summary 2011-12 (final edition - no longer published)

The 3rd edition of the Australian Black Coal Mining Summary is available. This PDF report replaces the Australian Black Coal Statistics (ISSN 1035-3364) series.

The statistics in this report, except for Queensland statistics and those sourced otherwise, have been compiled from surveys conducted by Coal Services Statistics. Queensland statistics are sourced from reports published via the Queensland Government's Department of Natural Resources and Mines website. This publication includes tables and graphs relating to resources, production, deliveries and stockpiles, export tonnages and FOB values, production employment and labour productivity. Coal Services Pty Limited does not supply information by way of an advice but rather as a service that is enabled by the provision of material from participating coal companies.

Coal Services takes no responsibility for the reliance on this data that has caused or may have caused, as a consequence of its use, loss or damage to its user. 

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If you are interested in this report please email your request to Coal Services Statistics [email protected]