TUNRA Ltd (The University of Newcastle Research Associates) – October 2005

This report was prompted by the Joint Coal Board Health and Safety Trust (JCBHST) and Coal Services (CS) Pty Limited to identify critical factors contributing to safety culture within the Australian coal mining industry. The research involved participation by a number of Coal Mines from the Hunter Region, NSW: mostly underground and one open-cut. The information outlined in this report is of the first project of an extended research program aimed at developing a safety culture measurement tool for the Australian national coal mining industry. This report contains a detailed review of the scientific literature relevant to safety culture and safety climate within the Industrial Human Factors domains relating to critical safety factors pertinent to the Australian coal mining Industry and its workforce. Concentrated discussion is presented on the critical factors contributing to human error, safety culture, and safety climate together with the results and recommendations from the first phase of the initial research project, which was commenced in 2003. The project to date has been funded by the JCB Health & Safety Trust with supplementary funding from the University of Newcastle. The project was conducted under National Ethical Guidelines approval number H-578-0503 Human Research Ethics Committee, The University of Newcastle. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent official CS Pty Limited or JCB-HST positions. The project team wishes to acknowledge Mr Ken Cram, CS Pty Limited, who has acted as the Project Liaison Officer. We express our further appreciation to the Safety Training Coordinators from the mines involved in the research project for arranging site tours and providing much assistance with access and the administration and facilitation of this project.