Project Aims:

Success of the Mark 1 UAV project would see:

  • A flying UAV platform that is capable of traversing down a mine roadway regardless of the condition of the terrain on the floor of the mine. (Essentially the core of the project is to avoid the problems that ground-based robots encounter when a mine roadway collapses).
  • To provide an operator with live video feed as the UAV flies down the mine roadway in real time, sending back colour or thermal imagery.
  • Monitor and record gas levels within the mine roadway as the craft flies to give Mines Rescue emergency personnel information of gas levels without endangering human life by entering the mine.
  • LED lighting on the UAV will provide light for navigation purposes and also to illuminate the mine roadway enough that an operator can physically spot a human lying on the floor of the roadway.
  • Produce an Australian made product that will have use across NSW coal mines. Application can also transfer worldwide for use and exposure to potentially save lives and recover resources.