An Extension of the Diesel Particulate (DP) Exposure Sampling Program to Potential High Exposure Mineworker & Contractor Personnel Involved in Longwall Transfers

Coal Services – October 2008

This report constitutes a continuation of similar work on measurement and control that had been conducted during the 1990‟s at Tower Colliery and some other mines in NSW.

The results of which had been incorporated into Guidelines for Minimising Exposure to Diesel Emissions in Underground Coal Mines endorsed by the NSW Minerals Council and are available on the following website

The data from the previous projects highlighted the relatively higher exposures of mine and contractor personnel involved in longwall transfers. The aim of the project was to enhance the DP exposure database and assist in providing information that could possibly be eventually used to determine standards for DP exposure in the mining industry and link to the Cancer Surveillance Study of the Health and Safety Trust.

The establishment of a readily available internationally validated Laboratory to provide timely results for diesel particulate was a cornerstone of the project, as was the set up of a comprehensive database for diesel particulate exposure, similar to the Coal Services dust and noise databases for current and future interrogation of results.

The establishment of the laboratory was carried out in NSW by the Coal Services Health Environmental Monitoring Service and Ben Cary from Sunset Laboratories (USA); and the testing of the ten mine sites carried out by CSH EMS personnel. This report details the project parameters, sampling methodology and results of testing.

This report also presents the results of the testing with statistical analysis, a review of the control measures that were in use at the mine sites tested and a critical analysis of those control measures that were effective in ensuring that even in the potentially higher exposure environment of a longwall transfer that levels of DP exposure were below current recommended guidelines.