Expected Results:

This study will provide evidence on the current practices and policies that facilitate (or undermine) resilience and positive mental health in the Coal Mining industry. It will provide information on the factors that support resilience at work as well as initiatives that been trialled, how these have been perceived by employees and what outcomes have been achieved. By the end of the project, we expect to:

  1. Have comprehensive evidence on individual resilience in the NSW coal mining industry and the organizational factors that contribute to resilience and positive mental health in coal mining as well as those that contribute to psychological distress.
  2. Understand the impact of organizational, workplace and personal support factors on resilience and positive mental health in coal mining. This valuable information will allow industry to identify which organisational and workplace programs will promote mental health.
  3. 3. Have developed a mental health promotion model which identifies policies and practices that support resilience in mining. This will inform the implementation of appropriate programs with a shift from an ad-hoc approach to the engagement of key stakeholders in the development of a well-evidenced, industry-wide approach to the promotion of resilience and positive mental health.