Expected Results:

Cutting edge analytical approaches will be applied to Coal Services claims data over the 12-month project period to develop an in-depth understanding of the patterns of health service use and return to work pathways among injured workers in the coal mining industry.

The study will produce multiple important outputs including two reports and a final presentation of all findings, with relevant and useful interpretation of results that can be utilised by Coal Services to guide future management of injured workers. Specifically, this study will contribute to:

  • an improved understanding of the incidence and nature of work-related injury/illness in the coal mining industry, and factors that can impact on health service use, recovery and return to work.
  • identification of health service use patterns (e.g. prevalence, intensity, duration) in injured/ill coal miners and other occupations in the coal mining industry, with strategies to address policy and practice gaps relating to health service delivery.
  • improved strategies for managing work-related injury/illness in the coal mining industry by identifying factors associated with successful/unsuccessful return to work pathways.
  • better understanding of the association between health service use and return to work enabling improved case management and other activities designed to support injured/ill workers.
  • recommended policy, institutional and individual options that lead to improved management of work-related injury/illness.
  • enhanced scientific knowledge communicated through shared experiences and publications for use by the national and international scientific community.
  • open and ongoing communication channels with relevant stakeholders in the Coal Industry to translate research output into effective change that will benefit all relevant parties.