Henderson OH&S Services Pty Ltd – October 2008

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The issues of control of noise and dust health hazards are two occupational health themes well known throughout the coal industry, but many other Occupational Hygiene matters such as hazardous substances, lighting, radiation, vapours from fuels or solvents, exhaust fumes, or contact with chemicals, are either addressed on a piece-meal, off the cuff or “one off” basis, ignored in the hope the problem will go away, or simply not recognised.

Useful existing information is often not utilised or collected and its value only recognised in hindsight when associated adverse health effects emerge, possibly years later. At that time there may no longer be any possibility of collecting that information which could have helped in identifying the cause of the ill-health before it took its toll.

This Manual provides a system by which such situations may be avoided and the health of workers protected more effectively.