Project Aims:

Task 2: Prototype UAV Communication System:

Working closely with the UAV operator in Adelaide, UC will develop a prototype SDR system to allow for UAV communications from above ground monitor stations to the mining face via a UAV deployed node based mesh network that has non-line of sight coverage using COFDM technology. UC will also develop the transmitters and receivers that are mounted on the aircraft.

Task 3: Prototype Demonstration

A demo of the UAV operating in an underground mine using the prototype communications system with 8 battery powered nodes to control the UAV, stream thermal and normal video, and transmit gas sensor data from the UAV back to the surface. The nodes will be small enough to be carried and deployed by the UAV and will provide at least 3 hours of battery life.

Task 4: Routing Algorithm Optimisation

Development of a self-configuring energy efficient routing algorithm for the UAV Communication system will be focused in this task. Data routing is one of the core challenges in the UAV Communication system since the router connectivity may change frequently and latency and dropouts could be catastrophic to the vehicle. The designed routing algorithm must support a multi-hop communication paradigm and provide alternative connections in the event of the failure of current routes.

Task 5: Intrinsically Safe Configuration Design

UC will work with Strata and the Mine Safety Testing Centre (MSTC) to test the prototype UAV communication system, and provide test reports demonstrating and providing independent proof, for compliance with national and international IS standards.