Conclusion: The relatively low cost of the iPod Touch hardware, and simplicity of the WBV application, has the potential to facilitate routine collection of whole body vibration exposure by site based workplace safety and health staff as part of a systematic whole body vibration risk management program.

The ability to respond rapidly to operator feedback or complaints may also allow early identification of developing problems with roadways or equipment. It is feasible for multiple iPod Touch devises to be used to collect whole shift vibration data for all equipment on site in conjunction with other variables such as road condition, weather, task, location and speed.

The availability of the WBV application facilitates collection of adequate data to allow the identification and understanding of the sources of uncertainty in the evaluation of occupational exposure to whole body vibration.

As well as allowing valid assessments of health risks to be undertaken at a workplace, identifying the combinations of factors which

Lead to elevated vibration amplitudes provides valuable insight into the potential means of implementing effective risk control interventions.

The ability to easily collect whole body vibration data allows the potential effectiveness of suggested control measures to be assessed as part of the risk management process. In summary, the iOS application has potential to effectively evaluate whole body vibration exposure within a workplace risk management process.