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Our people are critical to achieving our vision

By ensuring our complementary talents and skills are aligned with our common purpose, we can work together to create a high level of innovation and quality service for our customers.

Coal Services employees are committed to building a high performance culture that can adapt to the ongoing changes in our industry and environment.

Our values

Our Code of Conduct

Coal Services is committed to conducting business with integrity and accountability in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of all employees, including Board of Directors, to remain aware of, and comply to, the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct has seven key principles that are critical to the success of Coal Services in achieving our 2020 Strategic Plan:

  • we act honestly, ethically and with integrity
  • we value our customers and community
  • we treat each other with respect
  • we are accountable and transparent
  • we respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality
  • we recognise and declare conflicts of interest and
  • we obey the law and comply with all company policies.
Our diversity policy

Diversity is important to Coal Services. Our diversity policy seeks to encourage cohesive decision making, in addition to trust and common values that seek to leverage diversity in order to:

  • drive business results
  • enhance our reputation
  • attract, recruit, engage and retain a diverse team of talented people.

We seek to add value to our organisation through a Board membership and General Management Team who have an appropriate mix of skills, experience, expertise and diversity.

We also seek to build a safe work environment by taking action against inappropriate workplace behaviour that does not value diversity including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification.