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Workforce education is an integral part of providing sustainable solutions, and CMTS offers a range of training, consultancy and workplace education options to suit your needs.

We can deliver in a variety of formats – from conducting a series of one hour whole of mine awareness training sessions, toolbox talks, through to in-depth management training and one on one coaching. All training can be customised to your individual site requirements.

Consultancy services

We provide a range of tailored consultancy services including the auditing of environments, gas detection systems currently in operation or technical advice on which type of monitoring system best suits a particular application.

CMTS can provide recommendations and reports aimed at understanding exposures and minimising health risks. Recommendations can also be made specifically on the appropriate gas calibration and maintenance strategies to suit the relevant application and to ensure statutory requirements are met.

Gas awareness training

We offer custom-designed gas awareness training courses, which include specific detail on the range of gases relevant to the customer’s workplace including physical properties, flammability, toxicity and regulatory atmospheric workplace limits.

Gas detection training

CMTS also offers a training program that typically covers the types of gas detection devices currently available for use, their application and operation, type of sensors, detection range, limitations and operational functions. Courses can be tailored for specific gas detection devices.

The courses would normally also include a gas awareness component to ensure the training participant is conversant with the particular type of gases that are monitored by the various gas detection sensors, including such topics as toxicity, flammability and response.

Gas awareness training and gas detection training can be delivered as simple one-to-two hour information sessions or advanced one-to-two day modules that include formal practical and theoretical assessments.

Gas Chromatograph training

CMTS provide complimentary gas chromatograph training with any purchase of the SmartGas system. The one-day training is typically undertaken with Mine Deputies, Electrical Fitters, Ventilation Officers, Engineers and Mine Managers and covers system operation skills, interpretation and analysis of a gas atmosphere and basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

We recommend refresher training be undertaken on an annual basis.

Customised occupational hygiene training

CMTS offers a variety of educational sessions on the health effects of exposures, control measures, regulations and exposure standards. Sessions can cover topics including dust, diesel, vibration, noise awareness, chemical exposures, PPE, fatigue management and education on diesel particulates. The training can be run as one-hour in-depth sessions, 15 minute toolbox talks or more detailed training as required.


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