NATA-accredited for mine gas analysis

SMARTGAS ultra-fast micro gas chromatographic system

CMTS developed the SMARTGAS system in 1996 specifically to analyse gas samples from coal mines. The purpose-built system provides gas chromatograph analysis to monitor mine atmospheres and identify potential or actual hazardous conditions.

Maintaining SMARTGAS onsite provides management with the ability to monitor mine atmospheres as frequently as required. Data acquisition and remote transfer technology also enable the system to be remotely accessed, calibrated and monitored by experienced CMTS technicians that provide expert online support and interpretation services.

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Analysis of mine atmospheres

Components routinely analysed by using SMARTGAS include helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acetylene and ethane. CMTS can also provide training on analysis of mine atmospheres.

Interpretation of coal mine gases

Our experienced personnel are able to provide gas analysis interpretative services if required. CMTS routinely provides these services for NSW Mines Rescue, and they are also available to the general mining industry.

Landfill gas analysis

CMTS provides general gas analysis services, including the sampling and analysis of local landfill sites for methane determination.

General atmospheric gas analysis service

We provide general atmospheric gas analysis services, including the sampling and analysis of specific atmospheric contaminants (i.e. carbon monoxide, methane, C2-C5 hydrocarbons, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and NOx gases), as well as other atmospheric and industrial contaminants.