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Realistic and high pressure rescue scenarios to test skills and improve emergency response

Why hold rescue competitions?

With the paramount focus on safety in the NSW coal mining industry, thankfully the need to respond to major incidents has become infrequent. It remains critical, however, that site emergency response teams are equipped with the training and skills to respond in the event of an incident.

Rescue Competitions are a unique opportunity for brigade members to develop and sharpen their emergency response skills. The high-pressure emergency situations provide brigade members with the ability to practice their lifesaving skills and test their quick thinking while also receiving constructive feedback from technical experts.

These events are one of the many ways we help build world-class safety leaders.

Please find below a calendar of upcoming Mines Rescue rescue competitions:

  • Mines Rescue Brigades Competitions
    • Newcastle June
    • Hunter Valley June
    • Southern Aug
    • Western Aug
    • Australian October
  • Other Competitions
    • Newcastle First Aid – May
    • Southern CABA Comp – June
    • Hunter Valley Open Cut Comp – September
    • Western First Aid – December