“It is fulfilling to know that I can have a positive impact on our customers’ operations, helping people to go home safely every day. ”

Areas Of Expertise

Safety Management Systems

Risk Management

Legislative Compliance

Emergency Management

Lachlan’s experience spans multiple regions with varying hazard profiles where he has fulfilled statutory functions including Deputy, Undermanager, Ventilation Officer and Mining Engineering Manager.

Lachlan has maintained a strong focus on safety, risk management and legislative compliance throughout his career.

He has been an active mines rescue brigade member since 2011, going active during the recovery of the Blakefield South operation in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

Career Highlights


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mining), First Class Honours - University of Wollongong - 2008
  • Graduate Diploma in Mine Ventilation (Ventilation Officer) - University of NSW - 2010
  • Deputy Certificate of Competence - NSW - 2011
  • Undermanager Certificate of Competence - NSW - 2012
  • Mining Engineering Manager Certificate of Competence - NSW - 2015
  • Mining Engineering Manager of Coal Mines Practising Certificate - NSW - 2018
  • Lead Auditor Qualification - SAI Global - 2020
  • Global Minerals Industry Risk Management (G-MIRM) program - G3 and G4 - University of Queensland - 2021