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May 2017 – Age no barrier for Pat

CS Health treatment client, Pat Dawes, recently celebrated her 92nd birthday with the team at Singleton.

Pat was originally referred by her GP to CS Health Exercise Physiologists Steph Rienstra and Jason Korotkich for treatment of conditions that impaired her mobility. She relied heavily on a walking stick and as she lived alone with no family in the area she was also somewhat socially isolated. Her condition had affected her confidence and ability to run errands – she was scared to go outside and was suffering from depression.

Three and half years on, the difference in Pat’s health and wellbeing is remarkable. She still uses her walking stick but is no longer reliant on it. She exudes confidence and has become quite the social butterfly!

Pat and the Singleton CS Health team have developed a genuine affection for each other over the years. She still attends the gym each week where she works with Eden MacNeill who oversees her program that includes walking on the trampoline and boxing.

‘I feel better now that I have been coming here.’ Pat said. ‘It’s the best thing I ever did.’

Mark O’Neill, General Manager CS Health said that the Singleton team threw Pat her very first birthday party two years ago to celebrate her 90th birthday and now make it an annual event. Pat appreciates the gesture and the team love making her feel special.

‘Sometimes we get caught up in the big issues but it’s nice that our teams can still find the time to look out for those around us who may otherwise be forgotten,’ he concluded.