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06 Sep 2016 – Clarence mines rescue team is victorious the first time in 20 years

Coal Services’ Western Mines Rescue held their annual regional mines rescue competition last Friday 2 September 2016 at Centennial’s Angus Place Colliery.

Seven teams from across the central west region, including Springvale, Ulan West, Clarence Lions, North Parkes and Wilpinjong mines competed.

The competition enabled the teams to practice and apply the skills they learn in their mines rescue training. The competitions hone incident response and rescue skills, as well as test first aid skills required when responding to incidents on a mine site, as well as general first aid for other accidents or incidents.’ explained Brian Kelly, Regional Manager, Western Mines Rescue.

The competition was based number of scenarios where the teams were placed under pressure and required to work together under their captain’s direction. The scenarios included actual underground search and rescue wearing CABA, as well as site based activities – including first aid scenarios, firefighting and virtual reality scenario based problem solving exercises. There will also be a theory component. The Clarence rescue team won the event for the first time in 20 years. The team has been working hard over the past 6 years running second several times to the very strong Springvale and Angus Place Teams. The winning team consisted of Kyle Egan (Captain), Tony Dellabosca (Vice-Captain), Ben Kelly, Jed Fraser, Alex Byrne and Todd Campbell.

When the captain Kyle Egan was asked to reflect on the day’s event he said ‘the competition was well set up and run by Brian Kelly’s Western Mines Rescue team with many challenging exercises in the areas of underground rescue, first aid, firefighting, Virtual Reality and Theory. Special thanks should go to Terry O’Brien (Angus Place Manager) and his team for hosting the event at Angus Place, and assisting run the competition. All the other teams who competed should also be commended on their performance on the day. A special mention to the Clarence second team who were thrown together just before the comp.

The team is excited to take on the challenge of the National Rescue Competition to be held at Queensland Kestrel Mine on the 22nd of October. We would like to thank sponsors JR Engineering and DSI for the ongoing support.