Employers are required to make suitable duties available where possible to aide in a worker's recovery

If a worker chooses to lodge a claim,the following process must be followed:

  • complete and submit an Employer’s Incident Notification Form within 7 days of the worker advising you that they are going to lodge a claim. This form should be completed by the worker’s supervisor. It includes details of how the incident and injury occurred
  • send us the worker’s SIRA Certificate of Capacity and their completed Worker’s Injury Claim Form within 7 days of the worker giving you these forms. This form also covers claims made in relation to travel to/from the workplace.
Managing the claim
  • Within 3 days of receiving the claim, an injury management specialist will contact you, the worker and their treating doctor (if required) to gather information about the incident. This information will assist the case manager to assess the claim.
  • The case manager will write to you within 7 days to advise if the claim has been accepted or declined. If more information is needed to assess the claim, the case manager will advise you in writing of what is needed and that a decision will be made within 21 days. This period to make a decision may be extended to 42 days if information continues to be unavailable.
  • If the claim is accepted we will work with you, the worker and their nominated treating doctor and/or specialists to ensure they receive the treatment and rehabilitation support they need to help them recover and return to work.
  • If the claim has been declined, the case manager will provide you with an explanation regarding this decision. If you don’t agree with this decision, you can ask for a review where you may also provide further information regarding the claim.
Throughout the worker’s recovery you must:
  • consult with the worker, their treating doctor (if appropriate) and your CMI case management team about their injury management and return to work plans
  • identify suitable duties, where reasonably practicable, to support the worker while they are recovering
  • maintain regular communication with the worker until they recover from their injury and return to their pre-injury duties.