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We all play an important role throughout the injury management and return to work journey

You have the right or rights to:
  • choose your nominated treating doctor
  • choose your approved rehabilitation provider
  • choose your treatment providers
  • have a say in your return to work plan
  • have union representation, if required.
You have a responsibility to:
  • participate with all reasonable requests from CMI, your doctor and your employer during your claim
  • cooperate and comply with your injury management and return to work plans. If you do not comply with your injury management plan, CMI may suspend your benefits
  • maintain regular contact with your employer regarding the progress of your injury
  • immediately notify your employer and/or CMI of any changes in your condition
  • notify CMI immediately if any of your employment circumstances change.
Your employer must:
  • notify CMI within 48 hours of becoming aware of the incident
  • consult with you, your treating doctor (if appropriate) and CMI about your injury management and return to work plans.
They should also:
  • identify suitable duties, where reasonably practicable, to support you while you re recovering
  • maintain regular communication with you until you recover from your injury and return to your pre-injury duties.