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Ensuring compliance is only the beginning

Our expert auditing teams will help to ensure your safety and emergency response systems are not only compliant, but effective.

We have undertaken audits throughout Australia and internationally; providing insights and advice to ensure operations are compliant and operating at their best.

Our consultants are highly qualified and, combined with extensive experience, have the attention to detail needed to deliver a broad range of quality audit solutions. Our audit expertise covers the key areas of mine safety compliance including emergency response planning, control effectiveness and legal compliance. Detailed audits of controls are essential to avoid unwanted outcomes and help drive effective implementation of Safety Management Systems and Emergency Response Plans. Our consultants will work with you to create an audit customised to your needs, ensuring that you can be confident that your systems are compliant and are being implemented to an acceptable level.


Control Effectiveness

Our team's experience and customised audit tools are used to review the implementation of your site’s Safety Management System and assess the effectiveness of hazard controls to prevent unwanted events

Legal Compliance

Utilise the extensive mining experience and first class qualifications of our consultants to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations

Emergency Response Plans

Mines Rescue specialises in Emergency Response and has experience in assisting customers to review, revise and implement best practice Emergency Response Plans

“We partner with our clients to build and maintain safety management audit systems that are efficient and effective. The industry expertise we bring to the table means we can really add value.”

Scott Dennis Mines Rescue Consulting

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