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Australia’s market-leaders in the analysis of gas, diesel particulate matter, and respirable crystalline silica.

CMTS is NATA-accredited for analysis of mine atmospheres to assist operations in the management of gas, diesel particulate matter and respirable crystalline silica.

Gas analysis of mine atmospheres

We have found the SMARTGAS system to be a highly accurate and effective method for detecting, measuring and monitoring helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acetylene and ethane and other higher hydrocarbons down to parts per million (ppm) levels. We can also provide training on analysis of mine atmospheres.

General atmospheric gas analysis

We provide general atmospheric gas analysis services, including the sampling and analysis of specific atmospheric contaminants (i.e. carbon monoxide, methane, C2-C5 hydrocarbons, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and NOx gases), as well as other atmospheric and industrial contaminants.

Diesel particulate matter (DPM) analysis

CMTS is NATA accredited for the sampling and analysis of DPM. All DPM analysis is conducted to NIOSH Method 5040. By using personal monitors to measure DPM exposures, operations can understand the risk profile of their workers. CMTS not only has the ability and expertise to measure workers’ exposure to DPM, but also can also help operations to comply with legislation and the recommendations set out in MDG29.

Respirable crystalline silica (RCL) analysis

Respirable crystalline silica is a known carcinogen. It is a cancer causing agent, as well as the contaminant that leads to the development of silicosis. CMTS is NATA accredited for the gravimetric weighing of filters, sampling, and analysis of filter dust collections for respirable silica content. Results collected are used to assist operations in the management of silica exposure levels below the acceptable standards.

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CMTS has provided critical gas detection services since 1983.

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CMTS-Technical has provided critical gas detection services since 1983 and is backed by NATA and ISO accreditation.