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Australia’s market-leading experts in gas detectors and calibration products.

Coal Mines Technical Services (CMTS) offer a range of products to all industries where quality and efficient use of gas detection and calibration devices are critical to safety and production.

CSE Self-Contained Self-Rescuers

CMTS is the exclusive distributor of CSE SCSRs within eastern Australia.

Self-Contained Self-Rescuers (SCSR) are an oxygen generating emergency escape apparatus worn on a person or cached strategically throughout a mine or tunnel. SCSRs are donned when an environment becomes irrespirable as a result of fire, explosion, gas outburst or contamination. The user is delivered a nominal duration of breathable oxygen which is generated through an exothermic reaction between the moisture in the users breathe and the chemical potassium superoxide (KO2) which is contained within the SCSR, this reaction also scrubs carbon dioxide from the user’s breath. Durations vary depending on the application, most SCSR have a range of 30 minute (traditionally body-worn) and 60 minute (traditionally cached).

SMARTGAS ultra-fast micro gas chromatographic system

CMTS developed the SMARTGAS system in 1996 specifically to analyse gas samples from coal mines.

The purpose-built system is an effective method for detecting, measuring and monitoring various gases down to parts per million (ppm) levels. This level of accuracy clearly identifies potential or actual hazardous conditions to enable early intervention. Maintaining the system onsite provides management with the ability to monitor mine atmospheres as frequently as required. Data acquisition and remote transfer technology also enable the system to be remotely accessed, calibrated and monitored by experienced CMTS technicians to provide expert online support and interpretation services 24-hours a day.

The SMARTGAS system is designed for mining personnel to easily operate with a minimum of training. Current operators include mine deputies, electrical fitters, ventilation officers, engineers and mine managers.

Although initially supplied to the Australian coal mining industry, SMARTGAS systems have been commissioned internationally by operations in China, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa.

Gas detector testing stations

It’s essential that gas detection devices are tested in accordance with the manufacturers’ and regulatory requirements to ensure devices are working accurately.

Failure to perform this testing may result in inaccurate or faulty devices being used, which may not provide adequate warning of hazards.

We can design, supply and install gas detector testing stations to suit your specifications and enable you to carry out systematic integrity checks on your gas detectors. Testing stations can be designed as either single or multiple inlet/outlet systems to suit the specific application. We can also provide training in the use of the gas detector testing stations if required.

Gas detection equipment and sales

CMTS supplies gas detection equipment to protect against various gas hazards.

Our range includes portable and fixed gas monitors, fixed systems (including cellar and car park monitors) and general equipment associated with gas detection. We can also provide professional advice on the most appropriate equipment to suit your needs and assist in installation if required.

Custom specialty gas mixtures

CMTS can supply custom made specialty gas mixtures.

These mixtures can come in different sizes, purity grades and multi-component levels of gases. These custom mixtures can be NATA certified ISO:17034 and/or ISO:17025 if required. The mixes can be used for calibrating and testing all gas detection devices on-site including portable, fixed, tube bundle systems and gas chromatograph. If you are unsure of the mixture, grade or certification you need for your application, please get in touch with CMTS’ specialists who will assist with customising a mix to suit your requirements.

Disposable certified calibration gas mixtures

CMTS supplies a range of certified disposable calibration test gas mixtures which are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable. These mixtures can be supplied in a variety of component matrixes and concentrations that utilise either constant or variable flow regulators for delivery of the gases.

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CMTS has provided critical gas detection services since 1983.

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CMTS-Technical has provided critical gas detection services since 1983 and is backed by NATA and ISO accreditation.