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Integrated audit and advisory solutions for safer operations in mining and heavy industry

Our integrated advisory and audit solutions are based on proven best practice management systems and processes meaning you can identify, control and mitigate high risk factors at your mining operations; improving safety for your people, your assets and your business

Audit Services

Ensuring compliance is only the beginning

The expertise of our auditing team and bespoke auditing tools provide peace of mind that your operation’s systems and processes are compliant and effective. Where there is room for improvement we will work with you to identify and implement solutions. Our auditors bring a wealth of experience in high risk operations, surface and underground emergency response, and emergency management system development. Their experience is underpinned by SAI Global qualifications and/or Mining Engineering Manager qualifications, other degrees and statutory qualifications.

Crisis and Emergency Management Solutions

Integrated emergency preparedness and training

Our team specialises in developing, implementing and evaluating Crisis and Emergency Management Systems. NSW Mines Rescue has almost 100 years’ experience providing emergency response services and training to the mining industry. Our knowledge and expertise across a range of emergency management capabilities, combined with our connections to the broader network of emergency service agencies, ensure an integrated and coordinated approach to safely manage an emergency.

Safety Management Systems

Improve the safety performance of your people, assets and business

We will help you design, implement and maintain a safety management system that protects your workers, equipment and business performance. Maintaining an effective safety management system can be difficult and complex. By implementing our best-practice safety management frameworks, you’ll get mine-tested systems and industry-leading expertise to deliver effective safety outcomes across your mining operations.

Risk Scoping

Understand your risks and obligations

We will help you understand your obligations under the relevant local, national and regional legislation and regulations; and set clear safety performance objectives for your mine sites and refine internal protocols and procedures to help you meet and maintain compliance.

Risk Assessment

Identify, assess and reduce risk

We will assess your current or proposed mining operations to identify, analyse and evaluate risk. Ongoing identification and assessment of risk is at the heart of any safety management system. Our Risk Assessment systems provide proven mechanisms to reduce risk, identify and remove hazards, and reduce high-impact incidences.

Why Us?

Customised Solutions

Our team’s collective decades of specialisation and technical experience gives us insight into the unique needs and challenges of the mining industry, providing you with confidence that we will work with you to deliver effective solutions for your site.


Our team members have previously held senior roles across underground and open cut mines and have first-hand experience with all mining industry health, safety and compliance legislation and requirements.


Mines Rescue has almost 100 years’ experience assisting the mining industry to manage risk and operate safely. Today, our practical approach and standards are considered to be best practice throughout the world.

Meet Our Team

How can we help?

With more than 90 years’ experience assisting the mining industry to manage risk and operate safely, Mines Rescue boasts an unrivalled reputation. Contact our team today for more information.