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Australia’s market leaders in mine gas chromatographic systems.

CMTS is NATA-accredited for the analysis of mine gas atmospheres. CMTS developed the SMARTGAS system in 1996 specifically to analyse gas samples from coal mines.

SMARTGAS ultra-fast micro gas chromatographic system

We have utilised our many years of experience monitoring and detecting gases in mine atmospheres to engineer a gas chromatograph (GC) system specifically to analyse gas samples from coal mines.

The purpose-built SMARTGAS system provides GC analysis to monitor mine atmospheres and identify potential or actual hazardous conditions.

Maintaining the system onsite provides management with the ability to monitor mine atmospheres as frequently as required. Data acquisition and remote transfer technology also enable the system to be remotely accessed, calibrated and monitored by experienced CMTS technicians to provide expert online support and interpretation services. The heart of the SMARTGAS system is a state-of-the-art, ultra-fast micro GC. The system is supplied as a complete package and includes a micro GC, data acquisition software, PC, communications interface, pneumatics panel and a full training package.

The unique ‘auto ranging’ capability of this chromatographic system enables key gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide and ethylene to be easily and accurately analysed in concentrations ranging from parts per million to percentage concentrations using a single analytical method.

Unlike similar systems, the SMARTGAS micro GC system requires only three ‘Plug and Play’ type analytical modules to provide a complete analysis of mine atmospheres. The data acquisition software captures output data from the gas chromatograph and accurately integrates and calculates the final results.

Components routinely analysed by the system include helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acetylene and ethane.

Although initially supplied to the Australian coal mining industry, SMARTGAS systems have been commissioned internationally by operations in China, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa.

SMARTMATE GDIS (gas data and interpretation software)

Also supplied with the SMARTGAS system is the SMARTMATE result trending spreadsheet package.

Gas data can be either manually or automatically entered, enabling the trending and graphical presentation of results and providing essential information about the state of the atmosphere in underground coal mines.

SMARTMATE has been designed to import gas analysis data and can be used independently or in conjunction with a SMARTGAS GC system. Information produced by SMARTMATE includes general analysis trending in a variety of formats, ‘air free’ trending, ‘Ellicott’s’ explosibility diagram, ‘Graham’s’ ratio, ‘Trickett’s’ ratio, carbon monoxide make and other relevant ratios and indices.

Advantages of the SMARTGAS gas chromatograph system

Advantages of the SMARTGAS gas chromatograph system

  • rapid gas analysis (one to three minutes)
  • highly accurate gas analysis
  • no interferences
  • single injection to analyse all gases
  • ability to analyse H2(hydrogen), C2H2 (acetylene), C2H4(ethylene), C2H6(ethane) and higher hydrocarbons in parts per million concentrations
  • simple to operate
  • minimal training required (single eight-hour period)
  • reporting and historical data at the click of a button

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CMTS has provided critical gas detection services since 1983.

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CMTS-Technical has provided critical gas detection services since 1983 and is backed by NATA and ISO accreditation.