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Customised training environments tailored to industry needs.

World-class practical training facilities for hands-on skill development

Our state-of-the-art Mines Rescue training facilities are located in Newcastle, Woonona, Lithgow, Moolarben and Singleton.

Each facility is equipped with excellent customised practical areas that incorporate height towers and confined space areas for specialised high risk training, as well as providing world-leading virtual reality technologies, and an underground gallery.

Using these superior facilities we are able to train mine workers, as well as those from general industry, to respond to real and simulated events, such as fires, roof falls, gas outbursts and other inherent dangers in a totally controlled and risk-tolerant environment.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Our unique VR simulations allow training participants to experience and respond to hazardous situations in a safe and controlled environment. Accurate and realistic, our VR platforms include 360-degree 3D theatres and curved screens.

VR training has been shown to have a positive impact on a number of cognitive elements central to effective learning, including spatial awareness, problem solving, hazard perception and team building.

Underground gallery

On average, our underground training galleries span approximately 300-metres and are located beneath each Mines Rescue station. Participants are able to use these galleries as a mock environment to practise the principles taught in the classroom – for instance, using breathing apparatus and operating in a dark coal mine. National rescue competitions are also held in these galleries and give participants the opportunity to further practise and hone their skills during simulated emergencies.