exposed-to-risk workers protected in 2016-17

Who must insure with Coal Mines Insurance?

If you or your business employs or hires workers to work in the NSW coal industry, you must have a workers compensation policy with Coal Mines Insurance (CMI) to insure against compensation claims for workplace injuries.

Examples of businesses who are required to have a CMI policy include:

  • underground and open cut mines
  • mining engineers and surveyors
  • labour hire companies with employees in the coal industry
  • coal preparation plants
  • specialised mining contractors
  • coal loaders and industries related to the removal of coal from the pit and its transport.
When is a contractor deemed to be a worker?

A contractor is considered to be a worker when:

  • the contractor does not employ workers
  • the contractor does not sub-let any of the contracted work
  • the work is not part of a business or trade regularly carried out by the contractor in his/her own name or under a business name.

In these examples, the contractor acts in a similar capacity to a direct employee. The person who engages the contractor acts as the employer and requires workers compensation insurance for the contractor.

Request a new policy

To set up a new Coal Mines Insurance workers compensation insurance policy please complete and return a workers compensation insurance proposal.

Certificate of currency

A certificate of currency provides confirmation of your workers compensation policy and shows your policy risk category.

To request a copy of your Certificate of Currency please contact the Insurance Services team.

Note: We can only issue a Certificate of Currency if your premiums are up to date.

Policy schedule

The policy schedule outlines the terms and conditions of your Coal Mines Insurance workers compensation policy.

A Coal Mines Insurance policy is valid for twelve months with the policy period being from 4pm 30 June to 4pm 30 June the following year.