Policy information – Who must insure with Coal Mines Insurance?

Employers whose employees work in or about a coal mine and are engaged in mining activities in the coal industry are required to have a policy with CMI for those workers.

Examples of businesses who are required to have a CMI policy include:

  • underground and open cut mines
  • mining engineers and surveyors
  • labour hire companies with employees in the coal industry
  • coal preparation plants
  • specialised mining contractors
  • coal loaders and industries related to the removal of coal from the pit and its transport.

Our fact sheet, ‘Who is a coal miner? Workers compensation cover and entitlements for coal miners’ further explains this.

For more information about when an employer needs to hold a CMI policy, see Change to the Coal Industry Act 2001.

Request a new policy

To set up a new Coal Mines Insurance workers compensation insurance policy please complete and return a workers compensation insurance proposal.

Certificate of currency

A Certificate of Currency provides confirmation of your workers compensation insurance policy and shows your premium risk category or categories for your policy.

To request a copy of your Certificate of Currency please contact the CMI Employer Services team.

Note: We can only issue a Certificate of Currency if your premiums are up to date.

Policy schedule

The policy schedule outlines the terms and conditions of your Coal Mines Insurance workers compensation insurance policy.

A Coal Mines Insurance workers compensation policy is valid for up to twelve months with the standard twelve month policy period being from 4pm 30 June to 4pm 30 June the following year.

When a policy if first taken out it may run for less than the full twelve months.

Extended cover for accident pay

About extended accident pay indemnity.

An offer for extended accident pay is available to policyholders under Clause 37A of the policy schedule.