Your case management team is responsible for managing your claim and helping to ensure you have appropriate support

If you have sustained a work-related injury or illness you may be entitled to workers compensation.

Making a claim
  • See your doctor as soon as possible and ask for a SIRA Certificate of Capacity. The certificate outlines the nature of your injury, your capacity to work and treatment requirements.
  • Complete and sign a Workers Injury Claim form.  If you cannot complete the form yourself, you can ask someone to assist you. Be sure to include all relevant information and attach any supporting documentation that you think may assist us in making a decision about your claim, e.g. medical reports, scans etc.
  • Give the claim form and your SIRA Certificate of Capacity to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer must lodge your claim with us within 48 hours of being made aware of your injury.

If you need more information about making a claim, please contact Coal Mines Insurance. Injury claim forms, and guides on what to do when you’re injured at work, are available from the Forms and Downloads section.

Managing your claim
  • Within 3 days of receiving your claim, your injury management specialist will contact you, your employer and your treating doctor (if required) to gather information about the incident. This information will assist your case manager to assess your claim.
  • Your case manager will write to you within 7 days to advise if your claim has been accepted or declined. If more information is needed to assess your claim, your case manager will advise you in writing of what is needed and that a decision will be made within 21 days. This period to make a decision may be extended to 42 days if information continues to be unavailable.
  • If your claim is accepted we will work with you, your treating doctor and/or specialists to ensure you receive the treatment and rehabilitation support you need to help you recover and return to work.
  • Throughout this process, your case manager will stay in contact with you to ensure you are receiving the right support to assist you in your recovery. They will also work with your employer to ensure you receive weekly benefits without unnecessary delay.
  • If your claim has been declined, you case manager will provide you with an explanation regarding this decision. If you don’t agree with this decision, you can ask for a review where you may also provide further information to support your claim.
Throughout your recovery you have the right to:
  • choose your nominated treating doctor
  • choose your approved rehabilitation provider
  • choose your treatment providers
  • have a say in your return to work plan
  • have union representation, if required.