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Risk Management

Identify, assess and reduce risk

Ongoing identification and assessment of risk is at the heart of any safety management system. Our Risk Assessment systems provide proven mechanisms to reduce risk, remove hazards, and reduce high-impact incidences.

We will help you understand your obligations under relevant legislation and work with you to set clear safety performance objectives and refine internal protocols and procedures to help you meet and maintain compliance.

We can guide you through the most appropriate risk assessment process for your needs and help establish context and identify, analyse, evaluate, treat and monitor risks at your workplace. Our consultants have formal risk management qualifications and extensive experience as risk managers responsible for scoping, creating, reviewing and maintaining risk management systems.


Risk Scoping

We will help you scope your risk assessment or risk management system in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations; as well as guide you through the most appropriate risk assessment process to meet your needs.

Risk Assessment

Our consultants can facilitate risk assessments, providing a quality result built on industry experience and formal risk assessment qualifications.

Catastrophic and Fatal Risk

Our consultants have managed Material, Catastrophic and Fatal Risks in previous roles as senior managers at mine sites and can help implement and maintain systems and controls at your operation.

“Our consultants have many years of industry risk management experience which is complemented with formal qualifications, resulting in well-rounded knowledge in risk management principles and application.”

Alaster Wylie Consultant - General Manager, Mines Rescue / Regulation and Compliance

How can we help?

With more than 90 years’ experience assisting the mining industry to manage risk and operate safely, Mines Rescue boasts an unrivalled reputation. Contact our team today for more information.