NATA-accredited and licensed by DPI for the testing and repair of intrinsically safe explosion-protected gas detectors

Repairs and service

Our CMTS workshops are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) for the testing and repair of intrinsically safe explosion-protected apparatus.

Signatories and competent persons ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020.

CMTS is also licensed by the New South Wales Government Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for this work.


Apart from our accreditation as an approved workshop under ISO/IEC 17020 and licensing with the NSW DPI for the repair of intrinsically safe apparatus, CMTS is also accredited by NATA in the field of chemical testing under ISO/IEC 17025 for the calibration of gas detection equipment.

Under our NATA Scope of Accreditation, we are currently able to calibrate and certify more than 100 different models of gas detectors for both mining and industrial applications. Our laboratory is one of the largest providers of this type of service in Australia.

Equipment sales

We offer a range of gas detection equipment for purchase, including portable and fixed gas monitors, as well as fixed systems such as cellar and car park monitors.

CMTS can provide you with professional advice on the best equipment to suit your needs, and we can assist with installation.

Gas sensor testing

Our workshop has the facility and our people have the expertise to design and construct gas sensor testing stations to suit your specifications, enabling you to carry out systematic integrity checks on your gas detector sensors.

The testing stations can be designed as either single or multiple inlet/outlet systems to suit the specific application. CMTS can also provide installation and training in the use of the gas sensor testing stations.

Please note: it is essential that all gas detection devices are tested for accuracy in accordance with the manufacturers’ and/or regulatory requirements. Failure to perform this testing may result in the use of inaccurate or faulty devices being used in potentially hazardous atmospheres and the resulting failure to provide adequate warning.

Gas mixture supply

We supply a range of certified disposable calibration test gas mixtures. These certified disposable gas mixtures can be supplied in a variety of component matrixes and concentrations that utilise either constant or variable flow regulators for delivery of the gases.

Compact high-impact plastic or sturdy soft fabric carry cases are also available to contain the gas cylinders and accessories, providing a convenient means of transportation.