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We are an internationally recognised leader in the provision of occupational hygiene services to industry.

Known for their specialised expertise in occupational hygiene management and exceptional service delivery, our CMTS technicians conduct all assessments to the appropriate Australian Standard or International Standards.

With laboratories located throughout NSW, our range of services includes:

  • dust awareness
  • silica exposure
  • noise exposure and management
  • education
  • lighting surveys
  • vibration – whole body, hand/arm
  • hearing protection
  • respiratory protection
  • diesel particulate matter
  • chemical exposure monitoring
  • heat stress monitoring.

Personal exposure monitoring

Environmental contaminants and conditions such as dust, diesel, noise, vibration and lighting have the potential to cause a host of health-related problems. Monitoring is critical.

Diesel Particulate Matter

CMTS is NATA-accredited for the sampling and analysis of DPM (NIOSH 5040 method).