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Regular training in over 22 nationally recognised courses with customised training available on request

Mines Rescue must be confident in the ability of its brigades to respond in the event of an emergency. To ensure our team is trained, experienced, prepared and ready to respond, brigades are expected to participate in six rounds of intensive training each year to remain current and able to be called upon in an emergency.

To ensure appropriate attendance, Mines Rescue implements the following conditions to remaining a brigades:

  • If two consecutive rounds are missed (and you therefore become not current), Mines Rescue will phone you for an explanation and will advise your rescue coordinator.
  • If three consecutive rounds are missed, Mines Rescue will formally write asking for a commitment to continue as brigades and forward a copy to your rescue coordinator.
  • If four consecutive rounds are missed, Mines Rescue will formally terminate your status as a Mines Rescue brigades. Please contact us for the latest training dates.