Safety Management Systems

Improve the safety performance of your people, assets and business

Our team has hands-on experience in establishing, reviewing, maintaining and owning Safety Management Systems in the world’s safest mining jurisdictions. We can help you establish and maintain the Control Plans for your Principal Hazards, ensuring you cover the key elements required for a world-class Safety Management System to keep your people and your business safe

Our team specialise in various aspects of Safety Management Systems. We can help you establish your safety management framework, or we can dive into the detail and ensure your systems are thorough enough to prevent unwanted outcomes. We can adapt our collective learnings to create a tailored solution for your workplace that considers work environment, people, fit for purpose equipment and safe work practices.

Whether it is supervision, consultation, communication, or training systems, we can provide guidance and input to ensure your systems are world-class. Our consultants are experienced industry professionals who know what it means to be responsible for managing risk and safety at an operation – ensuring the focus remains on what is most important.


Safety Management System

We will review your Safety Management System against relevant legislation and guidelines to ensure they not only meet your legal obligations, but that they are effective. By implementing our best practice safety management frameworks, you'll get mine-tested processes and expertise to deliver effective safety outcomes across your operations

Principal Hazard and Control Plans

Australian legislation requires mines to identify their principal mining hazards and implement principal hazard management plans to ensure the operation is safe. While terminology may differ across Australia and internationally, the concept and the content remains the same. Our team can assist you to establish, review and maintain your Principal Hazard and Control Plans

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