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Ensuring multiple response functions can work in synergy with industry in an emergency

An ICCS is an incident management system that enables the integration of activities and resources of multiple agencies when responding to and resolving any emergency situation and recovery.

ICCS is used by all NSW agencies which may be involved in emergency response to coal mines including the Police Force, Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue and the Rural Fire Service.

Our Mines Rescue ICCS guide seeks to assist mines to incorporate an Incident Command and Control System into their Emergency Management System (EMS). The ICCS provides a framework to allow efficient and effective management of all mine site incidents, regardless of their size, type or complexity.

This guide will assist operations in:

  • establishing an effective decision making structure
  • establishing resource and facility requirements
  • identifying key members of the Incident Management Team (IMT)
  • establishing training requirements
  • implementing an ICCS which is able to incorporate the legislated responsibilities of external agencies, such as Police and to accommodate recommendations from the Pike River Royal Commission
  • establishing an EMS which is consistent with the NSW State Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) objectives and reflects a ‘Prevention, Preparation, Response and Recovery’ philosophy.

To download our ICCS Guide click here.