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Using the latest technologies to create innovative training and development solutions

The Virtual Reality Technologies (VRT) team create innovative training and development solutions for hazardous industries, using the latest technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile applications.

VRT’s Gen4 training solution is a combination of specialised simulated training provided through virtual reality technology and a unique risk profiling capability. Training requirements are determined through evidence based decision-making capability provided by the Gen4 learning management system, Gen4 LMS.

Gen4 complements traditional training techniques, which works to maximise the benefit of valuable face-to-face training services. Through regular and targeted virtual reality refresher training, face-to-face time can focus more exclusively on those aspects which cannot be replicated through technology solutions.

The Gen4 system includes the following functions:

  • Gen4 VR – the core component of the solution, this is a cost-effective way to bring simulation based training in-house.
  • Gen4 LMS – a smart diagnostic tool which provides unique risk profiling capabilities at the organisation, site, task and individual level to enable highly bespoke program development, maximising training value.
  • Gen4 Editor – this easy to use editing tool enables trainers to build their own unique scenarios in accordance with specific training needs.
  • Gen4 Replay – a simple function to review training sessions and recreate scenarios for use in other applications such as photos and videos.
  • Gen4 Tap – a smart card solution to quickly tap into the VR system, instantly identifying employees to recall their training history and record updates.
  • Gen4 Market – a content sharing function, providing industry with access to new content developed by Coal Services, as well as all Gen4 users.

VRT is part of Coal Services, an industry-owned organisation committed to providing critical services and expertise to the NSW coal mining industry. Operating a specialised Health and Safety Scheme, Coal Services provides an integrated suite of services aimed at preventing injury and illness in the workplace by helping employers to identify, assess, monitor and control many risks inherent in the NSW coal mining industry.

To contact the VRT team directly you can email [email protected] or call (02) 4286 5464. You can also visit their website at www.gen4.info