Notify us of injuries within 48 hours

You must tell us within 48 hours after becoming aware that a worker has received a workplace injury.

The injury must be reported even if the worker doesn’t intend to make a claim – you can complete an Early Notification of Incident Form for this purpose.

This is important because if their injury becomes worse over time and they need to seek treatment, there will be a record of the incident which may assist the claims process. Reporting an injury also enables you to track (and fix) potentially dangerous tasks or equipment in the workplace.

Any workplace-related injuries and illnesses must also be recorded in the register of injuries, which all workplaces are required to keep.

How to notify us of an injury

Early Notification of Incident form emailed to:

Speers Point
Argenton T: 1300 001 264
Sydney T: +61 (2) 8270 3257
Woonona T: +61 (2) 4286 5430
Singleton T: +61 (2) 6571 9999
Speers Point T: +61 (2) 4948 3150
Argenton F: 1300 002 264
Sydney F: +61 (2) 9262 6090
Woonona F: +61 (2) 4283 7163
Singleton F: +61 (2) 6571 1258
Speers Point F: +61 (2) 4953 0543