The key to effective injury management, including return to work, involves:

  • early reporting of injuries
  • timely treatment and assistance with return to work
  • appropriate return to work on either pre-injury or suitable duties. In most circumstances the workplace is the most effective place for you to recover
  • you, your employer, CMI and treatment providers working together to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • timely payment of benefits and medical expenses.

Your nominated treating doctor will complete your SIRA Certificate of Capacity which will detail:

  • your capacity for work
  • any restrictions you may have and
  • the treatment you may need to facilitate a safe, durable and timely return to work.

Referrals for all recommended treatment must be completed by your nominated treating doctor and sent to us for review and approval as per SIRA guidelines.

If your nominated treating doctor does not wish to act in this capacity and meet the obligations of a nominated treating doctor for a workers compensation matter, we may ask you to see another doctor. If you choose to change your nominated treating doctor, you will need to put the request in writing to us before commencing treatment with the new nominated treating doctor.

Injury management plans

CMI will develop an Injury Management Plan that outlines all activities and services required to safely return you to work following an injury. Your injury management specialist will contact you, your employer and your treatment providers to make sure the plan addresses your specific needs.

The Injury Management Plan includes information about:

  • the treatment required for your injury and when you are likely to return to work
  • whether you can start back at work doing duties that are different from your usual job (suitable duties )
  • whether these suitable duties are available at your workplace.

Suitable duties can be parts of the job that you were doing before your injury, the same job (but on reduced hours) or different duties altogether.

The injury management plan works hand-in-hand with your employer’s Return to Work Plan.

Return to work plans

In NSW, employers must have a Return to Work Program that outlines policies and procedures for managing workplace injuries. It is an overarching program that is common to all workers and includes responsibilities such as reporting and notification of injuries, work duties and redeployment options if necessary.

If you are injured at work, your employer will develop a Return to Work Plan that is tailored to your specific needs. It outlines the type of support necessary for you to recover at work in relation to your injury and work capacity.

It is produced in consultation with you, your treatment providers and CMI as the insurer.

Further assistance with return to work

We may engage an approved rehabilitation provider to assist with your return to work at any time during your claim. An approved rehabilitation provider is an independent health professional who specialises in assessing you and your workplace in order to develop a plan to ensure a safe return to work.

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