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Our team of health, safety and response specialists can help with any onsite work requests.

Need an experienced health or safety specialist? Call us!

Coal Services can incorporate medical and emergency response services for an integrated onsite approach to health and safety management.

Our team of fully qualified occupational nurses, doctors, and emergency responders offers a wide range of services to suit your unique needs, including:

We also deliver a range of toolbox talks designed to help keep workers focused on health and safety, including:

Manual handling and injury prevention strategiesPresentation involves the identification of all key manual lifting principles and putting these into practice to avoid mine-related manual handling injuries.
Improving core strength and joint integrity for injury preventionPresentation focuses on improving one’s inner and outer core strength to decrease pressure and wear and tear on spine. The presentation also introduces some basic theories on the advantages one has in avoiding joint related injuries with optimal muscular ROM and strength.
Pre-shift and job specific stretchingInvolves the use of dynamic stretching (similar to those used in sporting environments) to help condition the joint prior to vigorous and/or prolonged activities. Can involve the implementation of a site-specific pre-shift regime or focus upon stretching before certain tasks which place an increased demand on a certain joint in the body.
Lifestyle disease and risk factorsMore about what the risk factors are as opposed to the diseases themselves. The focus is to enlighten employees as to whether they have risk factors and the benefits of change to prevent the disease.
NoiseHow your hearing works. Noise exposure in and outside of work. The benefits of hearing protection, how it works and correct application. Selecting the right hearing protection for you.
Respiratory healthThe respiratory system, how it works. Occupational hazards, exposure and your risk. Common lung /respiratory conditions; treatment and prevention.
Health and lifestyle goalsSetting goals and achieving outcomes, waypower over willpower. How to get started on your road to a healthier life.

Mobile health units

Our mobile health units have been purpose-built to provide onsite services for businesses and service clients in remote locations.