Ergonomic assessments can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury

Our ergonomic assessments are primarily designed for conscientious and proactive organisations that want to screen employees before problems arise or are reported.

A preventative approach helps to foster a ‘pro-health’ organisation culture, which in turn can help to improve staff retention and employees’ sense of loyalty.

CS Health ergonomic assessments involve a pre-screen questionnaire for each employee to complete prior to our Occupational Therapist visiting onsite. This questionnaire is used to note any areas which may be an issue for the individual.

The ergonomic assessment of each workstation involves analysing how the individual interacts with their workstation, their job tasks and requirements, as well as the products they utilise.

Our assessment involves assessing the need to adjust and make recommendations regarding the employee’s workstation including, but not limited to:

  • chair
  • desk
  • monitor/laptop
  • mouse
  • desk phone
  • document solutions
  • keyboard.

An ergonomic assessment considers the employee’s posture, work habits, work speed, individual limitations, any repetitious movements and the working environment. Our Occupational Therapists will provide advice to the employee while conducting the assessment. The assessment will also include a range of additional onsite services, including vehicle assessment.

Results and outcomes

All information collected from the assessments will be provided to your organisation in either a detailed or summary report on each individual, with recommendations for areas with the potential to be a hazard for the employee. Any equipment recommended will also be researched for pricing on behalf of your organisation.

If a more comprehensive assessment is requirement, CS Health will include this in the report and request an individual referral for this employee.