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Maintaining a safe workplace free from drugs is critical – we’re available 24/7

Employers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their workers and to minimise workplace risks, and drug and alcohol screening is a tool to manage this.

We have provided drug and alcohol screening and support services to coal and non-coal industries since 1996, including:

  • drug and alcohol screening – including synthetic drugs
  • 24/7 onsite screening to cover all shifts
  • individual appointments at CS Health offices
  • site-specific reporting
  • advice on drug and alcohol policy development
  • assistance with implementation of drug and alcohol programs
  • education sessions to inform your workforce on the myths and risks of drug and alcohol misuse
  • education about all aspects of testing
  • nationally-recognised drug and alcohol screening course for supervisors and managers.

We offer:

  • testing procedures in line with current Australian Standards
  • confirmation testing by NATA accredited laboratories
  • screening tests performed by qualified collectors.

Regulation requires coal operations to have a ‘fitness for work’ program that includes measures to eliminate or control risks resulting from drug consumption. A comprehensive drug and alcohol policy, including screening and support, outlines expected work behaviours and helps to ensure that workers are fit for duty.

With evolving legislative obligations on both employers and workers, it is essential that fair anti-drugs policies are well-communicated and backed by effective assistance programs. CS Health offers advice on developing and implementing policies that meet the unique needs of your workplace.