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Coal Services has representation on various industry working groups.

Collaboration with our industry partners is essential to delivering on our purpose

Standing Committee on Airborne Contaminants and Occupational Hygiene

(Standing Dust Committee)

The purpose of this expert advisory body is to ensure reduced exposure to airborne contaminants and improvements to occupational hygiene.

The Standing Dust Committee meets every two months. It is currently made up of technical and medical personnel, as well as representatives of the NSW Minerals Council, CFMEU – Mining & Energy Division, Department of Industry (Resources and Energy) and selected independent industry consultants/experts.

Health Management Advisory Committee

The Health Management Advisory Committee (HMAC) is a working party under the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council (MSAC). Its role is to identify and monitor emerging health issues in the industry and propose collaborative approaches to addressing contemporary health issues and aid sites to develop and implement systematic health management plans.

Mines Rescue Working Group

The Mines Rescue Working Group (MRWG) was established in 2003 to deal with the specific issue of training mine employees to respond to emergencies using compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA).

The MRWG meets three times per year, with subgroups meeting as necessary when working on particular projects.

Standing Dust Committee