Order 43 – Industry Health Surveillance

Coal Services Health Monitoring Requirements for Coal Mine Workers Order No. 43 (Order 43) builds on the processes and systems that were established under Order 41 to protect the health and safety of workers in the NSW coal industry. Order 43 officially replaces Order 41, and any associated schedules, on the 1 July 2018.

Order 43 incorporates:

  • Statutory requirements for monitoring for hazardous substances;
  • Statutory requirements for monitoring for health effects from noise exposure;
  • Attention to priority health issues;
  • General Health and well being components;
  • Identification of health issues important in a safety critical workplace.

For the purposes of Order 43 the following definitions are applicable:

  • A coal mine worker means a person who carries out work at a coal mine for a person conducting a business or undertaking. It does not include a person who works in an environment in which they are not exposed to coal dust, unless the person has previously worked in an area of a coal mine in which they were exposed to coal dust.
  • A worker means a person who is about to commence work at a coal mine for a person conducting a business or undertaking, including a person who has previously worked at a coal mine and is about to commence work at a different coal mine.


  • All workers working at a coal mine have a pre-placement medical, then some a periodic medical every three (3) years;
  • That these assessments contain the elements in the schedules recorded on the prescribed form.
  • That the assessor is either a member of Coal Services Health or is on the Coal Services list of approved providers.

For workers:

For employers:

For medical practitioners:

For training providers: