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Medical Providers

Our goal is to ensure that the health surveillance program in NSW continues to deliver the best possible evidence based outcomes for coal workers. To do that, the Order sets forth minimum qualifications for health professionals conducting Order 43 medical assessments.

Medical Practitioners 

  • Must be registered in Australia
  • Completed NSW Coal Industry Medical Induction Program;
  • Completed approved spirometry training;
  • Provided an Annual Calibration Statement;
  • Listed in the Coal Services Register of Approved Medical Practitioners.


  • Registered in Australia – Division 1;
  • Completed approved audiometry training;
  • Completed approved spirometry training;
  • Must be under the supervision of an approved Medical Practitioner.

If the Medical Provider has completed the Queensland Registration Course, they are not required to do the Coal Services Order 43 Practitioner Accreditation Course however they are required to do an online module. In order to register for the online module the form below must be completed and a copy of the Queensland Registration letter attached.

The NSW Coal – Coal Services Order 43 Practitioner Accreditation Course has been developed based on findings from the Senate Select Committee Inquiry and the Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry to provide an understanding of the health risks associated with coal mining and to better equip medical providers to monitor workers’ health for early detection of occupational disease.

If you are a Medical Practitioner who wishes to be accredited, please read the Order 43 – At a Glance Medical Practitioners information sheet, then complete the below enquiry form.

For further information, please contact our Order 43 team on (02) 6571 9980.

Enquiry form for Medical Practitioner Accreditation

Order 43 Medical Practitioner Enquiry

Order 43 Medical Practitioner Enquiry

If you want to register as a medical practitioner, we would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.


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